1: What are the exact steps to placing an order with GearUSB.com?

 – Select your preferred quantity or specs, and Click the “Add To Cart” button.

 – Initiate the checkout process & complete the payment.

 – Next, upload your vector graphics file on our Upload Artwork page.

 – We will email you a final proof for your signed approval on our Artwork Approval page.

 – Once approved, we will schedule the order into production immediately.

2: What do you require for artwork?

For best imprint quality, we prefer files in vector format (CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator are the most common – in CDR, AI or EPS file formats). Also, send us a PDF, JPG or website link so that we can compare and verify your vector graphics file.

If you don’t have vector graphics, send us a PDF or high resolution JPEG for evaluation and quote.

For full color digital imprinting on card styles or domed decals, please send hi-res JPEG’s of your graphics or photos, and email or PDF us any other details or information that you want added to your graphics.

Bottom Line: Send us the best of everything you have and we’ll sort it out!

3: What is the difference between USB 2.0 memory and USB 3.0 High Speed memory?

USB 2.0 standard memory is a much older and much slower port transfer platform. Available in 128 MB capacity and up to 64 GB.

USB 3.0 Hi Speed memory is much faster and much more stable than USB 2.0. Our own testing shows that USB 3.0 is 8 times faster than USB 2.0, using our systems’ USB 3.0 ports.

USB 3.0 memory can literally save dozens or even hundreds of hours, depending on the quantity and file size capacity of your transfers.

USB 3.0 High Speed is only available in 8 GB and up to 256 GB capacities, and is strongly recommended for large file transfers, business, media, educational, accounting, legal, medical, IT depts, technology, etc.

If you are providing client products or services on a USB, you’ll find that USB 3.0 is much more stable, faster and end-user friendly (everyone has USB 3.0 ports nowadays!).

4: What is the normal delivery time for flash drives?

All of our USB orders are custom produced. For imprinted orders, our “real-time” normal production, transit and delivery time is consistently within 10-12 days (to most locations) from the point you approve everything.

For unimprinted orders, our “real time” production, transit and delivery time is about 5-7 days.

We do include estimated timelines in our sales pages, quotes or confirmations.

5: Is shipping included in USB Specials pricing?

Yes. Our sales pages, quotes and confirmations will generally include shipping and delivery to most locations. For certain situations, there may be other charges due for third party added services like non-serviced or remote-location courier delivery surcharges, or for your specific local or state duty, tariffs or taxes that may be due for USA or international shipments.

6: Is the set-up and imprinting cost included?

Yes. Our sales pages and regular production quotes generally include set-up and imprinting, lasering or dome decals as requested or required. Exception: If we have to re-draw or re-create very complex artwork or logos, there may be graphics charges. We always advise and get your approval prior to proceeding.

7: How do I know my order will be correct?

We will email you with each stage of the project that requires your approval. Artwork approvals, special imprinting instructions and data upload approvals are always confirmed online or via email. Each customer must review and approve every step, before we proceed.

It’s a simple system and guarantees that your order is 100% correct.

8: What can affect my flash drive order’s delivery time?

If you have an event date or scheduled distribution date, you should tell us at the time you approve the artwork. We will do our best to meet your delivery deadline, within reason. Delivery times are currently affected by Covid-19, and can also be delayed by slow communications or responses to our confirmations. It’s quite rare that production or inventory problems affect our overall production cycle.

The most common delays are mostly due to unforeseen transit or flight delays, possible customs or clearance delays, holidays, weekends, etc.

9: Is there a warranty on the USB’s?

Yes. We do offer a full 12 month warranty on any new, non-working USB’s. You are fully protected, in the rare event that you find that any USB’s are not functioning properly, out-of-the-box.

Important: Be sure to test and/or re-format USB’s in other ports (both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0), and in other systems, before declaring them “dead”. Our 10+ years of data shows that most user issues are solved with a simple 5 second FORMAT by your own system, using FAT32 for small file transfers, or exFAT for larger file transfers.

Per our factory warranty agreement, once you have tested correctly and determined the USB’s are non-working, please advise us and retain the non-working flash drives for return to us. At our discretion, we will credit or send replacement units ASAP, or we can add them to your next order, if you prefer.

10: What is the difference between regular USB memory and COB memory?

All of our USB’s are manufactured with high quality components, including memory chips by Toshiba, Samsung, Micron, Intel and Hynix. Our USB quality control is tops in the industry, as evidenced by our near ZERO percent reported quality issues. Most standard USB’s do have a separate memory chip and controller card, which is a larger overall component size than the smaller COB chip components.

Certain USB styles require COB memory, or “Chip-on-Board” memory components. Credit card USB’s, key USB’s and mini USB models use COB chips which are a combined chip and controller in one component unit. The benefits of COB memory are mainly to produce smaller, thinner and lighter weight USB’s. We always list the memory type in our sales pages, quotes and confirmations.

11: What countries do you ship to?

Our biggest customer base is in the USA and Canada. We also have clients worldwide and can service most countries.

12: Do you carry other flash drive models?

Yes. We have many other styles that we don’t show on our website or sales pages. If you have something specific in mind, please contact us!

13: Can you supply custom shaped flash drives?

Yes. Send us your idea or design for a special quote. Most custom shaped flash drive styles are made in PVC flexible material for maximum colors and impact.

14: What are the maximum imprint areas for flash drives?

Most flash drives are quite small, with very small imprint areas. In fact, our most popular swivel style has a maximum imprint or laser area of about 25mm wide by 13mm high (1″ by 1/2″ approx). Many models can be imprinted on both sides. Some models have larger areas, like the credit card style for example. Always keep the finished size in mind when considering your layout.

We normally include imprint area sizing details on each product sales page.

15: What flash drive imprinting methods do you offer?

The imprint method depends on the flash drive material and imprint area, as well as the complexity of your design. Laser engraving is best on stainless steel metal, bamboo or wood. Spot color screen printing is best on plastic, wood or coated metal. Pad printing is best on curved surface flash drives. Dome decals can be used on many styles, especially if you need a full color design on the smaller flash drives. Your printed logo is protected by a special epoxy acrylic. Full color digital imprinting is best done on card style flash drives, however it can also be done on many other models that have a white metal or plastic background material. We will advise you on the best imprint method.

Available or offered imprinting methods are usually shown on the product sales page.

16: Can you upload my data files to my flash drives and how is this done?

Yes. For normal orders, we can upload up to 500 MB at no cost. You can send us your organized zip file by clicking the DATA UPLOAD link on our Upload Artwork page. This will take you to another page that is dedicated to larger file size uploading. See our valuable uploading tips and instructions on the Data Uploads page.

The cost to upload over 500 MB of data is very affordable. Please contact us for quote. Uploads over 500 MB will require extra cost per unit, paid via PayPal or Stripe invoice.

Note that every end-user’s system is set-up differently to organize & display the flash drive operation and contents.

17: I’m a photographer and my client says their USB is not working. What can I do?

If the USB worked for you, then logically it should work for your client. Over 99% of the USB problems reported to us are user-system related. Every system is set up differently, in terms of hardware settings, power and port settings, anti-virus settings and more. The most common problem is either a formatting issue, or perhaps an under-powered USB port on the user’s computer. We recommend testing the USB in other ports (and also on other computers), before declaring it to be “non-working”.

Please note that our warranty does not cover damage or functionality problems caused by user-system issues. If the USB works perfectly for you out-of-the-box, it is considered “working”. If it does not work perfectly out-of-the-box, it is covered by our warranty.

Reminder: Always be sure to test USB’s in different ports and systems!…and be sure to try re-formatting the units in either FAT32 or exFAT to see which format works best for your specific system and requirements. Most photographers/videographers/imaging clients will find that exFAT works best for their larger file transfers. 

18: Why should I order from USBSpecials.com?

Check out our ABOUT page, for details about who we are and how we serve our clients.